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Cher, Teacher
Category: General
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For Cher only Hello Cher , Hope you are keeping well , I

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`For Cher only` Hello Cher , Hope you are keeping well , I am doing fine. Was wondering if you would be interested supplying some information for another short story I am thinking about. Let me know and i will send the information.
Hi Ewan!

It's good to hear from you again, and thanks for requesting me. I'm glad you're doing well and I am too! : )

I would be happy to help you with a new short story!

Yes, send me the details. Thanks!

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** are doing ok . Ok the scene i was thinking of is , this guy is hitch hiking his way across northern U.S.A. It is starting to get dark and he gets sideswiped ,by a Truck and knocked out ,His body rolls down into a ditch,A large grizzley bear that has just woken from Hibernation comes across him in the ditch and decides its feeding time ,What will happen next. Many thanks .

Hi again, Ewan and you're most welcome!

Yes, I'm doing fine and hope your back is all healed and no longer giving you any trouble!

Thanks for including the details and setting the scenario for your story. Please allow me a short time to go over this and then, send your answer.

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks , look forward to hearing from you , My backs doing ok, still a bit tender , but not as bad as it had been at start of year.


Hi again, Ewan.

I'm glad your back is much better than it had been!

In the scenario you describe, the bear would start eating the extremities of the man and then move to the meatier areas like the belly and buttocks. If the man woke up and tried to fight back, the bear would certainly bite his neck, severing his jugular, killing him. If the bear had never tasted human meat/blood before, he most likely would not eat the entire man, but only partially eat him to satisfy his hunger after hibernation. Bears don't choose to attack or eat humans, but will do so when they feel threatened.

The grizzly might leave the remains of the man there and return later, to feed some more.

I hope this helped!


My goal is to provide you with the best service possible. If you feel I have done so, a "positive/excellent rating" is greatly appreciated! If not, please let me know how I can better assist you by clicking "Reply" for additional information. Thank you!



Warmest wishes,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the scene ,Interesting read .

1 would the bear leave his body were it lay after he got side swiped by the truck or drag it deeper into cover?

2 Would the bear lick over the guys body to see if it was ediable.were might it start to lick.

3 if the bear started to feed on the guys belly area and worked down could it just push it`s snout down into the guys skimpy shorts ?

4 what it get from in the skimpy shorts , how it eat it?

Hi again, Ewan and you're most welcome!

1. Yes, the bear would leave his body in the ditch, because it would be 'recessed' from view and other critters in that location. For this reason, I don't think the bear would find it necessary to drag it deeper into a more covered area.

2. The bear would smell the guy and know he was edible. If he were to lick, he would start to lick at the arms or legs, first.

3. If the bear started to feed on the guy's belly area and worked it's mouth down, yes, it would push it's snout into the guy's skimpy shorts, but since there is such a small amount of material there, the bear would rip at it with its teeth to get to the meat underneath.

4. Once the shorts were ripped off, the bear would first lick, then take bites of the guy's male bits and it would only take a few mouthfuls to make short work of that, then he would continue down the thighs and legs.

I hope this helped!

Warmest regards,

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Hi again, Ewan and thanks very much for your excellent rating and most generous bonus; they are truly appreciated!

Have a great weekend!

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Warmest regards,