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For Anna only Hello Anna hope you are keeping well ,Was thinking

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`For Anna only` Hello Anna hope you are keeping well ,Was thinking of a new story scene .If you are interested let me know and i will send the details . Mnay thanks in advance.
Hi. Yes, please send the details. Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , Thanks for replying ,I was thinking of a story /scene based on the old Doug Mc clure film The land that time forgot ,Set in a more modern setting .

Alarge Training ship with a mix of people is out exploring ,A very thick mist comes down and they some how get lost due to their navigational system going wonky, they Some how manage to sail into a enclosed basin in a strange tropical land.

They can`t find the passage out of the basin so have to stay there for a while. the land is inhbited with Dinosaurs .

it is very hot and humid ,so they have one person on watch to keep an eye open for planes or other ships and to raise the alarm if they spot anything.

While the guy on the picture is walking around the deck he does not see the large dinosaur wading out to the boat untill it is to late , the Dinosaur roars and the guy turns around and screams , the beast ducks it` head down and grabs the guy and wades back to shore . His crew mates rush up ontop deck intime to see the dinosaur with the guys body hanging from it`s mouth heading back to land ,they try and shoot at it but it boes not hurt the beast , so thats the plot so far ,your help and input greatly apprieciated .Thanks in advance.

Thanks. I'll go to work on it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

I did a little reading on dinosaurs before starting this. We always think of T. rex when picturing carnivorous dinosaurs, but that species doesn’t lend itself to this scene, T. rex ate 500 lbs, in one bite. This young man would barely be a morsel to a T. rex, and the giant wouldn’t even taste him going down. I think the smaller velociraptor, a theropod, will work out better. They had a long claw on the back feet, used for grabbing and holding onto prey. While small, they were quite ferocious. But we don’t want the beast to be too small, so we’ll say there’s a newly discovered theropod, in between in size.

We’ll start where you left off. The dinosaur wades to shore with the screaming guy hanging from its mouth. As the beast clambers on to the shore, some of its fellow theropods notice the tasty prey in its mouth. the captor takes off running, with four more in pursuit behind. One of them catches up and grabs the guy buy a leg. The two dinosaurs pull him like they’re having a tug-o-war. He screams and screams to no avail. The original dinosaur give its head a shake and yanks the leg away from the other one. The guy’s leg bone breaks.

Now the following dinosaurs all attack the one with the guy in its mouth. They claw and bite, and suddenly all five are at each other, roaring ferociously. The theropod with the young man drops him in the midst. He kicks and tried to protect his face, but the dinosaurs don’t seem to be paying any attention to him. But when he tried to crawl away off into the forest, one puts a foot on his stomach to hold him down. It’s sharp claw digs in, and blood flows. Now all the dinosaurs smell blood and their frenzy increases. The guy goes into shock, and loses consciousness. When the other dinosaurs try to take him away from the one holding him down, the captor slashes them with its long teeth. Finally, they give up and run off to find easier prey.

The winner chomps off the broken leg, chews and swallows it. It then uses its sharp claw to rip off the other leg and eat it. It rolls the guy over and claws curiously at his shorts. It sniffs them, and decides that isn’t food. Using its claw, it rip the shorts off and tosses them aside. The dinosaur sniffs what was under the shorts. It takes a bite and decides this part tastes good. It pulls off what remains in three more bites. It chews each bite, savouring them, then swallows. When finished, the theropod runs its nose over the remains. It rips off each arm and eats them, then crunches the upper torso, followed by the abdomen and buttocks. Now the beast is full. It cleans its face with its feet and wanders off. A scavenger dinosaur scurries to the site of the kill and quickly eats the head and the small bits left on the ground.

Back on the boat, the survivors are no longer having a good time. They try to watch in all directions, with every crunching stick or squawk startling them. Terrified, they work their way back where they came from.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Anna , Thanks for a great answer to my story/scene . You say that onecthe main dinosaur has finished feeding that a scavenger dinosaur will come in and eat the head and other remains ,Would it eat the blood soaked shorts?
The Captain of the ship decided to send a party ashore to find a source of fresh water and also head to high ground to try the radio to see if they can call for help .
What would this part of people find of the guy that was grabbed off of the ship.
Many thanks for your help .
Would it eat the blood soaked shorts?

It probably would try, but the scavengers are pretty small. What would be likely to happen is that it would take the shorts into its mouth and chew them, getting much of the blood. It would realize at some point that it couldn't actually eat the shorts, and would spit them out.

What would this part of people find of the guy that was grabbed off of the ship.

The chewed on shorts, the large bones of the skull, which would be too difficult for the scavenger to chew up, and his hair.

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