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'for Anna only' Hello Anna , hope you are well ,was thinking

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`for Anna only` Hello Anna , hope you are well ,was thinking of a new scene ,for the story/film The Jungle Book ,if you would be interested in helping let me know and i will forward the details, many thanks inadvance.
Hi Ewan. Please send the details; it will be a good weekend project.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks . Have read throu a few of the jungle book stories and watched some of the films . In then Kaa the large snake is always trying to catch Mowglii , If in one of the last books or films Kaa . got lucky and managed to catch Mowglii ,ie the guy in the pic , how would he deal with him .given how long he has waited to feast on him . many thanks .

Thanks. I'll start thinking about the scene, then go to work on it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks , look forward to reading it. bye for now.

Kaa is a rock python, so I read up on their methods of killing and eating to make this as realistic as possible.
Mowgli is lying in the sun after having had a relaxing swim. He' s leaning back against a tree and nearly asleep. Suddenly he hears a hissssssss! He recognizes it as Kaa and sits up to look around. He spots Kaa in the tree. The snake slithers around a branch and peers down at Mowglii.
"Nice day for a ssssunbath, issssn't it, my friend?" Says Kaa.
Mowglii rises and prepares to leave. Now Kaa slides down the tree trunk and begins circling Mowglii. "Not ssssso fassst, my friend," The snake hisses. "I've waited a very long time to find you without any of your big, sssstrong friendsss. "
Mowglii starts walking. He steps over Kaa, and says, "I'm not afraid of you. "
"You sssshould be. "
Kaa wraps himself around Mowglii's leg. The boy kicks him off. Kaa hisses and laughs. This time he wraps himself around both of Mowglii's legs so the boy can't walk. Mowglii isn't afraid because Kaa has played this kind of game with him before. But suddenly Kaa winds himself higher and twists arounds Mowglii's rib cage. He constricts just a little and Mowglii gasps. The snake tightens himself even more. Now Mowglii is frightened, but it's too late. He struggles, but can barely breathe. Kaa constricts tighter. He feels Mowglii go limp and unconscious. Kaa squeezes a little longer until he is sure the prey is dead. He drops Mowglii, then takes his head I'm his mouth (rock pythons always swallow head first). Kaa gulps and Mowglii's head disappears down the snake's throat. Kaa continues to swallow and peristalsis begins in the esophagus. Inch by inch the body goes into the snake's stomach. When the shorts arrive in Kaa's mouth, he finds the feel of the material distasteful, but without paws, claws, or hands, there's nothing he can do about it. He tries to swallow quickly, but the material and what's under it doesn't slide down as easily as the bare skin does. He gulps several times and finally gets it down. The legs go in quickly and Kaa's stomach is full. He knows he can't move now for a couple of days because that could cause his stomach to rupture. He stays right where is, soon falling asleep to digest his meal.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , once more thanks for a great scene , I bet Kaa was really glad that he finally got , the Man cub .

1) what exactly was it that made the area in the tight shorts difficult for Kaa to swallow ?

2)How soon after Mowglii entered the snake would digesttion start?

3) what would start to be digested first of Mowglii?

Yes, Kaa was very happy after waiting so long.
The material of the shorts wouldn't become slippery with saliva right away like bare skin would. The shorts would feel coarse and scratchy against Kaa's mouth and throat. The size of the area would make it so he felt that sensation all around his throat, so he would want to get it down as quickly as possible.
Digestion begins immediately. The snake's saliva starts working on food as it's being swallowed.
Parts without bone would be digested first: fatty tissues like the private areas, muscle, and internal organs. Bones would be last. The process can take up to two weeks.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the quick reply.very interesting info.

1)So the large contents of Mowgli`s tight shorts would be one of the first things to get digested ?

2) Once kaa had finished the process of digestin the tasty boy in the tight black shorts ,what would be left if anything ?

3) What if anything would baloo or any of mowglis other friends find of the boy?

many thanks for thegreat answers and help.

Yes, the contents of the shorts would be among the first parts digested.
The shorts, faded and tattered, would be found in Kaa's droppings. There would also be some hair. Those are the two things that Mowglii's friends would use to identify him and know what happened. Everything else would simply be digested.
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