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Customer Question

Please ignore this question

I dont know how to delete and have put this question in the right category again



I entered into a tenancy agreement one of the clause of it was not to sublet

However we sublet the entire property to three seperate people

The landlord found out and now wants us to surrender the lease and wants to negotiate with the sub-let tenants themselves. I know we acted illegally. What are the implications. Will it result in a criminal record on us?

They have asked us the surrender the lease which we are happy to but we dont want to lose the deposit The agent has drafted the following surrender agreement.

It looks like if we sign this we will lose our right to the deposit or they will claim extra charges arising from breach of tenancy agreement. These would include 1)Agency fee 2)Cleaning fee 3)Inventory fee...

I am not sure what else he can include

The surrender agreement is as follows:


2.1. This Deed is supplemental to the Tenancy by which the Premises were demised by the Landlord to the Tenant for a term of twelve calendar months from the 13 October 2014 subject to the payment of the rent and performance of the covenants and conditions on the part of the Tenant contained in the Tenancy.

2.2. The reversion to the term granted by the Tenancy is vested in the Landlord and the Tenancy is currently vested in the Tenant.

2.3. It has been agreed that the Tenant will surrender their interest in the Premises to the Landlord and the Landlord will accept such a surrender.


3.1. In consideration of the release by the Landlord in Clause 4 the Tenant hereby surrenders and assigns and releases all their estate and interest and rights in the Premises to the Landlord to the intent that the residue of the term granted by the Tenancy and all or other estate interest or right of the Tenant in the Premises whether granted by or arising from the Tenancy or any deed or document supplemental to the Tenancy or otherwise shall merge and be extinguished in the reversion immediately expectant on the term of years granted by the Tenancy.

3.2. The Landlord accepts the said surrender.

4. RELEASE The Landlord and the Tenant each release the other from all their obligations contained in and all liabilities whatever under the Tenancy or any other deed or document supplemental to the Tenancy (other than this deed) whether past present or future and all damages actions proceedings costs claims demands and expenses arising from such obligations and liabilities save for any liability accrued prior to completion of this Deed of Surrender.

5. COSTS Each party shall pay their own costs in connection with the negotiation and preparation of this Deed.


Can we ask them to change a clause that protects us I can send the original tenancy or the deposit clause if it helps

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: General