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'for Anna only' Hello Anna hope you are keeping well , I am

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`for Anna only` Hello Anna hope you are keeping well , I am doing ok, Was wondering if you would be interested in a scene based on the Conan the barbarian movie/s .Let me know and i will send you the details. many thanks .
Hi Ewan. I'm well. Hope you are too. Please do send the details.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna, Thanks for replying. The plot of my scene is as follows, Conan is set in a medieval sort of setting, and a wizard is trying to conjure up new potions etc. and somehow manages to open a window to the present day at a local swim pool, the guy in picture ((named Jeremy)) dives into the window and is transported back in time to Conan`s time period were the wizard is, after a lot of confusion they finally realise what has happened and Conan and the wizard tell the guy that the only way they can get him back to his own time is if they can steal the crystal that has supernatural powers.

They set of for the castle of the bad wizard and evil queen to get the crystal .Once inside they start searching for the crystal /the guy enters a large room and spots the crystal. He goes and gets it .unaware that a huge serpent is laying asleep guarding it .He takes the crystal and just as he starts to leave the serpent wakes ,and attacks . What will it do with him? I enclose a picture from the film showing the size of the serpent in comparison to Conan, Look forward to hearing from you and many thanks once more for your help.

Thanks for the details. I'll go to work on the scene.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks , look forward to reading it once it`s ready.

Jeremy hears something behind him, and turns around. Rearing high above him is a huge serpent with its fangs bared. It hisses so loudly it hurts his ears. He tries to run, but the serpent surrounds him by coiling up. Jeremy is trapped in a small circular area, surrounded by the huge animal's muscular body. The serpent hisses again. Jeremy trembles so much he can't even scream. He is petrified by fear.
Then he hears a female voice. "What have you found my pet? " it is the evil queen. "Let me see."
The serpent uncoils, exposing Jeremy to the queen. She laughs . "Hah. You thought you could steal my crystal. Foolish boy! Well, you shall provide my evening's entertainment." She laughs again. Then says to the serpent, "Are you hungry, my pet? He's all yours."
The queen settles into a velvet couch on one side of the room. The serpent hisses. Now it grabs Jeremy in its sharp fangs. The fangs pierce his body, one of them piercing his private parts. He screams. The queen chortles with glee. She shouts, "wait, wait , my pet. Drop him. Let me help you out." The serpent drops Jeremy to the floor. He is n so much pain he can't rise. The queen kicks him in the face. "Get those shorts off now. My pet shouldn't have to deal with such things. Do it or you'll be even more sorry than you already are. ". Jeremy struggles out of the tight shorts. The queen leers at his bloodied private parts. "My, my. We have a little injury." The queen nods at the serpent.
She returns to her velvet seat as the monster grabs Jeremy by the head. Like any snake, it follows it's prey whole. He gulps the head into his throat and the neck and shoulders follow. Jeremy struggles for a moment, then his body relaxes. He realizes the snake injected a paralysing venom into his body through the fangs. He no longer feels any pain, but he panics helplessly. The snake gulps a couple more times, and Jeremy passes out.
Peristalsis takes over. Wave after wave of the serpent's muscle contractions push the body in. The serpent gets a strong taste of blood as the lower body passes through its mouth. He swallows the blood, gulps, and the legs quickly disappear down its gullet. The queen applauds. "Well done, my pet." The serpent, it's body swollen with the meal, retreats to its warm basking spot to begin digesting..
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna, thanks for the excellent scene, once more a great read,

1) I wonder what the queen would have thought seeing Jeremy in those very tight red and revealing shorts.

2) I wonder if the queen had got there a bit earlier and caught Jeremy before the snake had if she would may be have had some fun with him first ?

3) Wonder what`s she would have done with him?

4) Once Jeremy had removed the tight shorts I wonder what the Queen though?

5) Once the snake had started to feed on Jeremy, would the queen have enjoyed seeing his large man hood etc. being eaten?

6) How long it takes the snake to digest it and what would be left after digestion was completed?

7) If the queen had not arrived would it have made much difference to the snake if he had not removed the tight red shorts?

8) Once the snake had started swallowing Jeremy would the tightness of his shorts help the snake swallow what was in them?

9) What would happen to the shorts inside the snake, would they slow down the digestion of the large piece of meat inside?

10) How long would it take the snake to digest Jeremy and what if anything would be left?

11) If the queen came in after the snake had completed the full digestive process, would she find any trace of Jeremy anywhere?

Many thanks for the great scene look forward to your reply.

Thanks again.

1). She was quite impressed, but her evilness made it so her main interest was in seeing her serpent kill and eat him.
2) and 3) .She might have. I suspect, given her nature, she would have teased him mercilessly without giving him any satisfaction. She would have laughed at his frustration.
4)she would think she had seldom seen any so big.
5) yes, her cruelty would have made it very enjoyable for her.
6) it would take 2 or 3 days. The only thing that would be indigestible would be hair.
7) Not really. The shorts would have an annoying texture, but once soaked with saliva would have gone down easily.
8) the snake would only have noticed the dryness of the shorts. That would have made swallowing harder, but once they were drenched in saliva, they would simply slide down the gullet.
9) They are probably synthetic material, which isn't very digestible. If the queen hadn't removed them, they would have been in the serpent's droppings. Perhaps quite faded, though.
10) Same as #6
11) Yes, his hair would be in the serpent's droppings. If the queen hadn't removed the shorts, they would also be there.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna . many thanks once more for the fabulous answers , I am sure the serpant will have really enjoyed digesting jeremy.

thanks again, Hope you have a great Xmas and a good New year .If you are going to be busy over the Holiday period let me know and i will refrain from asking any more scenes , thanks once again.

You're welcome, Ewan. I will be busy tomorrow, but after that will be be available to write scenes again.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
Anna and 73 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , Just a quick note to wish you the very best on Xmas Day.

Thank you! wishing you the same.