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Q1.Select the two options that are false statements about

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Q1. Select the two options that are false statements about the normal/normal model. Select one or more: 1.The normal/normal model comprises normal distributions with known variance for each of the prior for mu, the distribution of the data and the posterior distribution for mu. 2.The posterior mean gives more weight to the prior mean than to the sample mean if sigma sub 0 squared less than b n. 3.The normal/normal model is a conjugate model for the mean of a normal distribution when its precision is known. 4.The posterior variance is the product of the observed variance and the prior variance divided by the sum of the observed variance and the prior variance. 5.As n increases, the posterior mean gives decreasing weight to a, the prior mean. 6.As n tends to infinity, the posterior mean and variance of mu tend to overline x and sigma sub 0 squared, respectively. q2 attached q3 attached

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