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How can I find out if someone has died recently? A friend who

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How can I find out if someone has died recently? A friend who I know to be ill has not been answering their phone for a few months. Can I check registered deaths?
I do hope that your friend is ok and that his messages are just not researching him. As for finding out if a registered death has happen, inquire with the government office as they will have death certificates on file and can inform you of any bad news to share. A cost may be charged as the information can be reviewed here in this link:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ive searched all through the link you sent. Its all about how to register or challenge registration etc. I can see nowhere to simply ask if a death has been registered. Very frustrating.
Contacting the government office should allow you to find out if a registered death has been reported. Since this is the main government office for registered deaths, my suggestion would be to speak to someone or email the office to see if anything as been recorded. option is to use this service below:
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I agree it SHOULD allow you to find out .... but they arent making it easy online. No matter. I'll try the phone tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions.
Sorry that they are making this difficult for you as technology should allow it to be easy enough for the public to find what they are looking for. Taking a moment to call tomorrow should what I hope will answer your question and that your friend is safe and sound.Best wishes for a positive result.Michael