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For the sake of this country which is the best outcome

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For the sake of this country which is the best outcome , which will mean in or out politics aside .
Hello. My name is***** what "outcome" are you referring? Are you meaning the presidential election? If that is the case it is a complex answer based on what you feel should be the best direction for the country. If another topic, let me know to see if possible to further assist. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your reply .

The real vote for in or out of the EU.Which outcome is in this country`s best sake . NOT involving politics view


Hope this will not take time out your week-end "off" .

Oh, now I see what you are asking about. That is a controversial topic right now for sure whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union. Most world leaders believe it is in the best interest to stay and fight for reforms... Some positive reasons to stay include1) There are millions of jobs overall that are linked to membership in the EU - it is hard to tell how many of those jobs would be in jeopardy if to leave the EU.2) Some of Britain's largest trading partners are in the EU - these include both Germany and France and more than 50% of the exports of the country go to the EU. The membership that is held allows Britain to have some say on how the rules of trading work - without membership they would lose some of that sway.3) It is easy to travel abroad - all EU country members enjoy free travel without "Borders" and this would end if Britain leaves the EU.]4) Influence of EU - it is the worlds biggest market and plays a large role in world trade - Britain alone would not be near that size and strength. Some reasons to leave1) Many Britains want control of their borders and do not want the open border system due to issues with immigrants in some of the other countries- once someone is in the EU they can travel freely, and that includes Britain.2) Savings on the money that Britain currently pays as membership fee to the EU (about £55m per day)3) There are other countries, such as Norway, that are able to do it themselves4) There is a big push right now for the EU to have its own army - Britain has fought hard to consolidate into one army (as opposed to keeping national armies) and the EU is trying to change that. So, these are some of the big issues - there are pros and cons although most world leaders and economists (like Goldman Sachs, etc) believe it is better to keep in the EU. Hope this helps on some of the issues. I am not sure that there is a "right" answer here. Please be sure to rate my response positively as that is the only way that I receive credit for my help today. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

So for the sake of this country there is NO right answer ????


For the sake of the country.. there are positives and negatives for each decision. Most would agree that the "BEST" thing would be to stay and to work with reforms in the EU... however even if they leave it might end up being better for them. It is really hard to predict what will occur in the future. They might decide to stay and then the EU is destabilized or they might choose to leave the the pound would not be able to hold its own against the Euro. For now, in my personal opinion, they should stay and push for reforms in the EU. There is strength in numbers and right now the EU is a major world economic competitor which Britain would not be on its own. But, I think you are right, there is not a "right" answer - just a reasonable answer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for this input .

Best wishes .


You you as well.Be sure to rate my response positively so I get credit for my help today. All the best to you. :)
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