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I’d appreciate your advice on how to respond to an issue I

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I’d appreciate your advice on how to respond to an issue I am having on social media. I am a hobbyist artist with a modest Twitter following (approx. 5k followers) and I saw a post on my feed which showed a piece of artwork done by a professional for a recent game. The artwork depicts one of the characters, and the person tweeting had changed the character’s face.
The original artwork did look very strange and I thought the edit was an improvement. I’d seen this done a few times by a few different people on another piece of artwork from this game, and no issues seemed to have been raised around that.
I liked the post and I commented that I thought it looked much better, then had a short conversation about which art they did and didn’t like from that game.
A couple of days later (yesterday) another post appeared on my feed, by one of my followers, which screengrabbed their original tweet with their name removed, and berated it for being disrespectful to the original artist. A chorus of people agreed with them in their comments, and while the tweet didn’t explode, it left me feeling incredibly bad.
While I didn’t think I was being disrespectful, I do now see how it could be taken in that way and I feel worse knowing that a) a fair amount of my followers will have seen my like/comments and b) that it’s not a very nice thing for an artist to say about another artist in the community. I’m really supportive of other artists and I often post inspirational or encouraging things about the art community, so it's made me feel awful.
There were a couple of people who follow me in the comments on that tweet (including the original poster), and they didn’t unfollow me, but I really don’t want anyone to think badly of me and I would want them to understand that I messed up and that I’m sorry. I suffer from quite high anxiety and tend to overthink things, so this has made me quite upset.
I have now deleted the likes and the comments so theoretically there is no ‘evidence’ left that I ever replied, except for the people who saw it in the first place. I’m not being hounded by anybody, nor have I had anybody unfollow or say anything negative about me as far as I can see.
It’s worth mentioning that the artist who drew the original picture is not on Twitter (they are a professional from Japan) and I would not be able to contact them in any way – nor would they have seen any of this.
As far as I see it I have four options:
a) Do nothing – which is what I am currently doing – this is making me feel quite guilty but sometimes I know it’s best not to stir the pot.
b) Privately apologise to those couple of people in the tweet berating the edit who follow me (including the one who posted the tweet).
c) Publicly apologise by posting to my Twitter. I’m a bit loathe to do this as I feel it’s drawing too much attention to it and I don’t think that will do a great deal of good.
d) Publicly – though not as visibly – apologise by tagging both people in those comments and posting on the tweet berating the edit, rather than to my main Twitter feed. The risk here is that they could then retweet these and make them more visible, which I’d have no control over.
Any help is appreciated - and sorry this is a bit rambling! If this is not a topic of your expertise no worries.

Good afternoon,

It is obvious by reading your account of the event that happen that you are a very well respected artist who cares about your work and others that are in this field. In terms of what happen, best to let it go without saying much more as this event seems to have been forgotten. Instead of trying to say sorry for something that was posted, continue to be positive in your posts like you have been doing as your followers will appreciate your writings and thoughts on artists.

I hope that this information was found useful as please inform me of any additional questions/concerns you have. Also if you could take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful today.

Take care,


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