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What is the best product and method for de-scaling (lime

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What is the best product and method for de-scaling (lime scale) clear glass drinking glasses and wine glasses please? We have always been frightened of de-scaling our glasses because of a suspicion that that would mean we were ingesting toxins from the de-scaler, since glass is porous. We usually end up recycling the glasses, and it costs a lot to keep buying new ones! What do pubs, etc do, and what would you do please? Thank you! Melanie

Good afternoon Melanie,

Went ahead to research what is suggested to get the drinking glasses you have cleaner as well as for you not to have to repurchase each and every time.

1. Good Housekeeping first suggests using vinegar as that can offer a quality clean and without any toxins:

2. Here is a safe and toxic free item to try:


I hope that this information was found useful as please inform me of any additional questions/concerns you have. Also if you could take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful today.

Take care,


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