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Claudia Schiessl
Claudia Schiessl, Attorney
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My mother is German,she married my stepfather who is also German

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My mother is German,she married my stepfather who is also German 20 yrs ago, he has died recently.There is no property involved,however there are hospital bills to pay however he has 2 children who have not bothered with him years,now they have come out of the woodwork and are demanding access to his bank account and want to take things out of my mothers flat.They have now sent her a solicitors letter stating he bought me expensive presents,which is untrue,my mum is 82 she is so distressed,His daughter even rang the owners of her flat to give my mother notice of eviction,its a good job the flat is in her name,She also wants some of her pension which will leave her destituteIfeel her solicitor is not helping her,he even told her to leave the flat and come to me in the UK,can you please help me,what are her rights I feel helpless not being able to help her,also she froze the bank account so we sent so money so she was able to eat and pay her rent
Dear Customer,
Thank you so much question.
My name is***** and I am happy to assist you today.
May I ask
Is there a marriage contract ?
Has the stepfather left a will?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is no marriage contract or will

Dear Customer,

if there is no marriage contract or iwill your mother and the stepfathers childred inherit equal partsof the assets.

Your mother gets half and the children share the other half.

They have equal rights.

So there is no need to give up part of her pension of have the bank account frozen.

If there are conflicts the probate court can help
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