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Claudia Schiessl
Claudia Schiessl, Attorney
Category: German Law
Satisfied Customers: 17610
Experience:  I have been a practicing attorney for 20 years now with a broad experience in all kinds of law.
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HiMy dad lives in Germany and is in a care home following

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My dad lives in Germany and is in a care home following a heart attack he had which has left him in a coma. My step mum cannot afford to pay the care home anymore and has contacted the German social for help. They have sent me a letter in German which I cannot understand, I believe this is asking me to pay for the care which I cannot afford. Where do I stand with this?
Dear Customer, according to German Law you are responsible for your father 's upkeep .The letter you have got is most probably a demand to give information about your income . From that they calculate whether you have enough means to pay support or not.It is mandatory you give these informations there is no way out .Otherwise you could be taken to court. As I have told you this is just for calculation and does not mean that you really have to pay.I hope I was able to help you. Should you have any further questions please be my guest. I shall try to answer them as soon as possible. If i have helped I would very much appreciate getting a positive rating. This is how I get credit for my work . Thank you so much, your business is very valuable to us.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Claudia
Thanks for your reply
But how can I fill in a form that I cannot understand, can I not request it to be in English?
Dear Customer, yes you can. You have the right to get a copy which is translated in English. Just wrie tjem back and demand a translation If I have helped a positive ratig would be greatly appreciated
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi ClaudiaI don't live in Germany, I live in England so do I still come under German law? I want my dad to be over here with me but my step mum won't allow it. Can I refuse to fill out the forms due to that reason?
Dear Customer, it is still German Law as it depends on where you dad is domiciled which is Germany.You also do not have the legal right to decide where your Dad has residence. This right belongs to him and if he is not able to exercise this right on his own he gets someone through court who does that for him Sorry
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