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Ridgerunnerras, Engineer
Category: GPS
Satisfied Customers: 602
Experience:  I am a Electronics engineer and I have been working with GPS systems for several years.
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Sir,I have a Tom Tom - 4 EN 52 / 1230 sat nav., also I am

Customer Question

I have a Tom Tom - 4 EN 52 / 1230 sat nav., also I am a disabled scooter driver (a scooter that is allowed on the road), being disabled myself. Because there are some restrictions on the type of roads, such as main atrial roads and motorway etc. therefore I wi9sh to know if there is a way of converting my Sat Nav to set route excluding these types of road that I am not allowed to use and therefore when I plot a route on the Sat Nav I find (sometimes) I am directed to a point where I cannot continue legally.

Your assistance please
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  Ridgerunnerras replied 4 years ago.

Hello I would like to help you.


I think that best Solution for you would be to look at the routing options in your device.

you may have the option to travel via walking or bicycle this Should route you closer to what you need, as it will route you away from major highways.

There is not a option for your exact situation however I think that this Should help.


see image below