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Which GPS is better: TOMTOM GO 500 EU 45 GPS Sat Nav or TomTom

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Which GPS is better:

TOMTOM GO 500 EU 45 GPS Sat Nav


TomTom GO Live 825 5 Inch Sat Nav

I have a smartphone but not sure how this is used to receive live traffic updates. How much data is used on a long journey?

The main feature I want is live traffic but not sure how much the paid service is on the Go Live after 12 months.

I don't drive in Europe and mainly drive in the City (London) but mainly want it finding alternative routes in bad traffic in London and for occassional long distance journeys.
There are several apps you can use that will most likely be cheaper than buying a GPS with Live updates, What kind of phone do you have?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Simon, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


I have an iphone 5S. The main thing I want in a sat nav is to have live traffic updates and for the GPS to redirect me to another route before I run into the gridlocked area (not sure if GPS has this!). This would be more about local traffic (London) than on motorways.



The Tom Tom 825 LIVE is hands down the better option if your travel is in London. It will serve you well and as long as you check for updates from time to time you will love it.

Happy travels :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Simon


Would downloading an app to my iphone do the same job? I think the Tom Tom 825 Live needs to use data from the smartphone anyway. You mentioned apps before so just wondered what your thoughts are on this option as a cheaper option?

Try see if you have an app called WAZE. it is the best option to use as it is based on drivers around you in real time. If you have theno oprion then this will be your best bet.
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