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Sijad H.
Sijad H., Technician
Category: GPS
Satisfied Customers: 1721
Experience:  8+ years repairing various Garmin, TomTom and other GPS models.
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Garmin Sumo 660 , gives loading maps message, then " loading

Garmin Sumo 660 ... Show More
Garmin Sumo 660 , gives loading maps message, then " loading loader " but does not progress
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Sijad H. :

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you.

Sijad H. :

How old is your device?

Sijad H. :

Did this suddenly start happening or was it after an update of sorts?

Customer: just started out of the blue
Customer: the device is about 4 to 5 years old.
Customer: the device is 4/5 years old
Sijad H. :

Alright, have you tried performing a Hard Reset?

Sijad H. :

  1. Start with the device turned off and unplugged from power

  2. Place and hold your finger in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen

  3. Power the device On

  4. Release the power button after the device powers On

  5. Continue to hold your finger on the touchscreen until you see "Do you really want to erase all user data?"

  6. Release your finger from the touchscreen

  7. Touch Ye

Sijad H. :

Does it allow you to perform the above steps?

Customer: no , it displays " loader loading ' message
Sijad H. :

Alright it seems as if the internal software/hardware is corrupt. Since it does not get recognized by your computer, it may be difficult to fix. However for corrupt software files to may be able to obtain an .RGN file. To obtain an .RGN, you will need to call 0808(###) ###-####and provide them with the serial number of your device. Let them know that your device displays the loader loading message and that the internal software has been corrupted.

Sijad H. :

Once you have the .RGN file keep a copy for safe storage in case this happens again.

Customer: Thanks, ***** ***** way my link to the computer is by a cable that fits not a Garmin cable . Does this make a difference ?
Sijad H. :

It does make a difference. Garmin cables have a specific regulation that put that device into USB mode. It is possible that the cable being the incorrect cable is not allowing the computer to recognize it.

Customer: Thanks my son has the cable , I'll try with that one .
Customer: It is not immediately available though . Never mind. It may be sometime before I can ask a followup though. Thanks
Sijad H. :

Alright, well I will be here if you continue to need assistance. Please take a moment to rate my service. Please book mark this page if you need to come back to this question.