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The GPS system has incorrectly entered a route across this

Customer Question

The GPS system has incorrectly entered a route across this farm. It is private land with no "BOAT" -by way open to all traffic.
The track is so rough that even my jeep with protective plates underneath grounds down, so is totally unsuitable to cars.
Please advise how to get this error corrected
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,
Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.
May I ask the Make & Model Number of the GPS device you are working with?
May I also ask the AGE of the device and WHEN this issue first began?
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
I did not see your reply (as a new question) until now. Sorry that you could not reply here. Let me paste your note from that question here, and see if you can reply this time.
You ask what GPS system I use. I tried to reply but that would not work. Strangers arive trying to use this private track, and obviously I do not know what GPS system they use. Obviously we do not need GPS on our own land
So now that I know your situation a bit better, let me explain a little bit about how ALL GPS devices work, as it relates to the "map data" they use.
ALL GPS companies base their maps on "data" that is collected from data collection companies, and in most cases, those companies are independent of the GPS manufacturers. One of the LARGEST providers of this data is a company called "Navteq", and they have supplied data to most of the GPS companies for at least 25 years.
And as you have discovered - by getting "visitors" to your property - when data is collected there are sometimes "errors" made in how a particular location is marked (as public or private). That is what I suspect has happened around your property, and I believe the fastest way to clear this up is to report this issue directly to the companies that collect the data OR the GPS companies. The two largest companies for consumer GPS units is Garmin and TomTom.
As for Navteq, they have a "utility" where anyone can register and report errors in their map data. I have a link to that site below.
Here is a link to the Garmin page, where map errors can be reported.
Here is the TomTom page about how to report map errors.
In the time it takes to get this data corrected AND distributed to the GPS devices (it can take MONTHS or longer), I would recommend using a somewhat "old fashion" method of "marking your property" (with SIGNS and such) that warn visitors that the path they have been lead to is "private property" and is really "impassible". And if at all possible, try to direct the visitors in the best way to get where you believe they have been directed - even if it means putting up "ARROWS" that point which way to go to the closest MAJOR road.
I know this can be frustrating, but I hope the above recommendations help. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Best Regards, *****
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
I see it has been a few days and I just wanted to follow up to see if you have any more questions concerning this issue or if the issue was resolved.
I look forward to any further questions or results that you may have.
Thanks, ***** *****