About JustAnswer

How JustAnswer works

How do I ask a question?

To ask a question on JustAnswer®, go to and enter your question. Usually, an Expert responds within minutes. Once your Expert responds, a conversation has begun and the Expert may ask more questions in order to give you the right answer. You can ask as many follow-up questions as needed by using the Reply area at the bottom of your Question page.

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How much does it cost?

You will be charged £5 to post a question. Any additional costs will be shown on the page where you enter your credit card information.

If you already posted a question, you can review additional charges and billing history on the Order History page.

Please note, if using Paypal as your payment method, you will be charged more than £5 when submitting your question.

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Is JustAnswer free?

Our goal is to provide fast, affordable help from verified Experts like doctors, lawyers, mechanics and more. JustAnswer is not free, however it is still a fraction of the cost of professional service fees.

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What is JustAnswer®?

JustAnswer is the best way to get expertise on-demand 24/7 from doctors, lawyers, vets, mechanics and more. We verify every Expert through an 8-step process.

Our mission is simple: We help people by providing the #1 online platform for people to access verified Experts -- quickly, conveniently and affordably. Since 2003, we've helped more than 9 million people in 196 countries and have an A+ rating with BBB and a 8.3/10 rating with TrustPilot.

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When will I get my answer?

Our average response time is 6 minutes. Most questions are answered within 30 minutes but may take as long as 24 hours during busy times.

We'll notify you via email, text (if you've opted in) and on the website when you have an answer.

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The Experts

Trust and Verification process

We put every Expert through an 8-Step Expert Quality Process, and we confirm their credentials with a third-party verification firm.

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Anonymity and Security

Anonymous and Secure

JustAnswer is a public forum and questions and answers on the site are not confidential. Users of the site can remain anonymous to the public by using an anonymous username and not including their name, etc. in their questions. We recommend not using any personal information in your username and do not include your first or last name in your questions.

If there is personal information in your question that you would like removed, you can give us a call or send us an email by clicking on the Email, Chat or Phone options in the left panel. If you're sending an email, be sure to include a link to your question and the personal information you want removed.

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Categories on JustAnswer

JustAnswer offers access to a wide variety of categories, including the categories listed below:  

Acura Game Systems Parenting
Agriculture and Farm Equipment Game Systems Payment Systems
Android Devices Genealogy Pediatrics
Antiques General Pensions
Appliance German Peugeot
Appraisals German Law Phone Systems
Audi GPS Plastic Surgery
Australia Law Heavy Equipment Plumbing
Bankruptcy Law Home Improvement Pool and Spa
Bariatrics Home Security Systems Porsche
Bird Home Security Systems Powerpoint and Presentations
BMW Home Theater-Stereo Pre-Calculus
Boat Homework Printers
Business and Finance Homework Honda Programming
Cadillac Horse Management Projectors
Calculus and Above HVAC Real Estate Law
Camera and Video Hybrid Vehicles Recorders and Players
Canada Law Hyundai Relationship
Canada Tax Immigration Law Renault
Car Industrial Equipment Republic of Ireland Law
Car electronics Infiniti Republic of Ireland Tax
Car Parts International Law RV
Cardiology International Tax Saab
Cash Registers Italy Law Scots Law
Cat Jaguar Short Essay (2 pages or less)
Cell Phones Jeep Simple Math
Chevy Job Single Problem
Chrysler Kia Small Appliance
Classic Car Laptop Small Engine
Clock Repair Large Animal Veterinary Smartphones
Complex Math Latin Software
Computer Legal South Africa Law
Computer Hardware Lexus Spain Law
Construction and Road Equipment Lincoln Spanish
Consumer Electronics Long Paper (3+ pages) Structural Engineering
Dermatology Mac Structural Engineering
Digital Cameras Marine Electronics Subaru
Dog Math Homework Tax
Dog Training Math Homework Toyota
Dream Interpretation Mazda Traffic Law
Drug Testing Medical Transmissions
Electric Vehicles Medium and Heavy Trucks TV
Electric Vehicles Mental Health Urology
Electronic Musical Instruments Mercedes US Law
Email Microsoft Office US Tax
Employment Law Military Benefits Vauxhall
Endocrinology Mitsubishi Veterinary
Engineering Motorcycle Volvo
Entertainment Multiple Problems VW
E-Readers Musical Instrument Appraisal Wedding
Etiquette Networking Writing Homework
European law Neurology  
Exercise Equipment Neuropathy  
Eye New Zealand Law  
Family Law Nissan  
Finance OB GYN  
Financial Software Office Equipment  
Ford Office Equipment  
Fraud Examiner Oncology  
French Orthopedics  
French Law    
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