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koshinal, Plumber
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  retired plumber heating engineer
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i have a client who has a central heating system they have

Customer Question

i have a client who has a central heating system they have had a further rad addd about two years the system has 22mm pipework from the boiler to airring cupboard on the ground floor it goes through a three way valve then to the cylinderin airring cupboard then thereis about 5ft of from valve then it reduces to 15mm for flow and return the building has solid ground floors so the ground floor rads drop from the circuit in the first floor all the rads work ok except for the extra one which gets hot to the rad valve but wont pass across the rad and go up the return pipe the rad is a ground floor one
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.

Andrew Smith : Ok, try balancing again by shutting them all off on one side then just open them 1/4 turn only.
Andrew Smith : all the rads that start getting warm leave as they are and open all the others 1/4 turn again
Andrew Smith : repeat until they all get hot
JACUSTOMER-n0i0x6hl- :

as i said to you ihave tried shutting down all other rads which gets it hot then opening the others slightly to get them hot which works untill the system goes off at the timer and then you are back to it not going across the rad and up return pipe again the flow pipe gets hot to the rad but wont go through the rad

Expert:  koshinal replied 4 years ago.
have you checked the rads connection to the main circuit is actually connected to flow and return, check for blockage,try a magnet if it wants to stick there is a small blockage. is there a kink in the pipes.
these are just a couple of the faults with this problem I found over the years