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I had a Viessmann

Customer Question

I had a Viessmann Vitoden -222 Storage Combi boiler installed just over a year ago. It has worked well until recently when I noticed that the pump (condensate?) was starting to run for short periods very much more frequently than normally. Our Service Engineer states that there is no pressure in the expansion vessel on the cylinder and that it cannot be re-pressurised. I was advised that a new expansion vessel and replacement PRV will be required to correct this. I am also now being told that this will be a major job and that it will entail installing new pipework - why should this be?. When it was installed, I was told that it was reliable, economical and state-of the art, but I now being given impression that there might be design problems with this boiler. Despite this, I have a written statement that the installation is safe to use! I am somewhat confused by this apparent contradictory information. I would welcome any comments or advice that you may be able to give. Am I missing a point, or should I be suspicious of the advice I am being given? Sorry to trouble you and thank you.
Tony xxxxx
E-mail:[email protected]

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  fixer2013 replied 4 years ago.

Hello My name is Ivor

I Hope that I can give you advice, From what you say it seems that you are really getting conflicting advice. It would appear the engineers are not really up to speed with this model. If the boiler has a fault and is still under warrenty the installation company should change it as it is not fit for service at present.

I have the address of the main company who may be able to help you.


ViessmXXXXX XXXXXmited
Hortonwood 30
Telford TF1 7YP
Telephone: 01952 675000
Fax: 01952 675040
[email protected]


I hope you get it sorted satisfactorily.


Kind regards