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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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I have a Potterton Profile 80 Gas Central Heating boiler. It

Customer Question

I have a Potterton Profile 80 Gas Central Heating boiler. It is approximately 13 years old. It has never failed to function and even now it does eventually fire up and heat water. BUT, before the blue flame kicks in there is a normal sound inside the boiler unit that is a constant whirring sound. This has always been the case and after approximately 5-6 seconds the blue flame ignites and the boiler happily carries on heating the radiators and domestic water. Now I have the situation where at the end of the initial whirring it stops for a second or two and then starts up whirring again. Up until now it does eventually cut in and the blue flame ignites but usually it will cut out say 5 times before it ignites; the worst so far is "25 cut outs" before ignition and I am worried that it either will not cut in at all or whilst it is cutting out and cutting in there may be a build up of gas in the unit. It seems worse if the boiler has been off for some time and of course when my local gas central heating engineer came out to assess the problem it kicked in immediately. So he just thought the problem might be the fan and squirted WD 40 on it but to no avail. From my written description of the problem can you please identify what you consider to be the problem and supply a solution as I obviously wish to solve this especially as Christmas is just over the horizon. Thankyou. Roger XXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XXX XXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXX, XXXX, XXX XXX TEL:- XXXXX XXXXXX

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.
It sounds like you exhaust fan is failing.
This needs to run constantly for the boiler to fire and has a couple of safety devices that monitor it that will not let the burner fire until it is running correctly.
Can you tell me the last time it was serviced?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

By the time I had got my credit card details correctly on to the form instead of my Debit card details; and instead of separating the 16 figures as on the card, and joined them up because it kept telling me my card details did not tally; which is simply wrong; I was tearing the remaining remnants of my hair out in pure exasperation at what should have been so simple but proved ridiculously difficult because the computer wanted information recorded differently to how it appears in real life.


It took me over an hour to sort all this out by which time I had almost given up getting an answer.


It also didn't say the reply would come by e:mail it simply asked for an e:mail address which I had already supplied on the bottom of my original message explaining the problem. As such I wasted another couple of hours waiting for a response on the website.


I was so fed up with all this ludicrous administration and not being told to get the answer from the e:mail I eventually got the telephone number of Potterton Technical Assistance from BT, phoned them and got the information that you subsequently supplied about the exhaust fan probably being the problem, but because I have no GC number they would help no further.


So I am confident that my Heating Engineer, armed with this information, will find the correct serial numbers from inside the unit and be able to order and fit a new fan as Potterton said they were still available.


So it is not the expert that I am disappointed with, it is the crass adminstration requirements and lack of correct information on the website that made this such a miserable experience. As such I do not wish to remain part of and trust this information will be forwarded and my name and contact details removed from their lists.



Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.
I am glad you are sorted (I think you are sorted now).
I can help you if you require further advice or if you plumber needs someone to bounce some ideas off.

Just let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am now tired of e:mails from Just answer. I am not complaining about " The Expert " I am simply saying the adminisration required on the Website has driven me crazy and although i accept I have wasted £22 on information I was able to obtain for free from Potgterton, I want to be assured I am NOT on the 7 day free trial and I want to ENSURE no more money is rermoved from myt account by Just Answer who might consider me to be on some sort of contract aas I have already clicked on something that seems to imply I am.


Can you either verify this or persuade Just Answer to do so.