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Just purchased a Honeywell T6360(with light) thermostat to

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Just purchased a Honeywell T6360(with light) thermostat to replace older mechanical Honeywell type,not sure which terminal the switched live goes onto ,3 or 4,is it to do with amps.if so how do I know what mine is,Thanks

Welcome, My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist you on the situation.

You are correct on the wiring, the #3 terminal is for 6 amps .
The #4 terminal is for 10 amps.

If you can look at your heater and find the wattage of the heater.
Then calculate the amperage as below example.

1500 watts / 230 = 6.5 amps
1000 watts /230 = 4.34 amps

Take your wattage of the heater and divide by the 230 volts and that will give you the amps of the heater.


.If it is by chance over the 10 amps, the thermostat is not large enough for the heater

Let me know if anything further is needed, just reply.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for reply,my new thermostat is aT6360B does this make a difference to what I first told you,also the Honeywell circuit diagram says terminal 3 is10(3) amps and terminal4 is 6(2) amps which seems confusing
Yes, your T6360B states the #3 terminal is indeed the 10 amp and the #4 is for up to 6 amps.

Sorry for any confusion with the numbers in the post. Models tend to change and yours is the B version.

My apologies for that part.

So thanks for the posting and clarification needs.
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