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Ive just moved into a new house. There are halogen spotlights

Customer Question

I've just moved into a new house. There are halogen spotlights everywhere.
Last night the set of 10 or so on one switch in the kitchen behaved oddly the second time they were switched on - one came on and the rest stayed off. There was one dud bulb already in this group - changing this made no difference.
Put dud back and put fresh one elsewhere.
Tonight turned the on- again only one came on - later on they were all on. On their own. Changed the dud one. Turned back on. Only one comes on. Put dud back in. Only one comes on again.
The switch is one of a set of 4 - all the other circuits and their spots work ok.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.

Andrew Smith : Are they low voltage?
Andrew Smith : 10 is a lot for a single light switch to take.
Andrew Smith : Do you have the bulb ratings?
JACUSTOMER-3njz20vl- :

There are 10 - the one I took out was a 50W one. So i would presume all the others are 50W. The one I put in was 25W. They didn't come on - only the one again - after I changed it. They were on - I put in the new one - they were off - put in the old one - still off - put the new one back again - still off apart from one. Now they've come on by themselves again - all 10.

Andrew Smith :

It could be overloading the switch at 500W, thats over 2Amps

JACUSTOMER-3njz20vl- :

It worked ok for about 10 days after moving. Tonight leaving the switch on they all come back on after a while - at least it's happened twice. When I turn the switch on and off now they are all working.

Andrew Smith :

perhaps a poor connection in the switch?

JACUSTOMER-3njz20vl- :

Why would it fix itself on it's own do you think? it seems odd that it's always the same one that comes on by itself - and then they fix themselves. For a while.

Andrew Smith :

A loose connection could do that, does the switch get warm?

JACUSTOMER-3njz20vl- :

Not that I've noticed. Its' got 4 other switches on it.

Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 4 years ago.
Welcome. My name is Tommy and would be glad to assist.

What style of lamps are they?
The way they make contact?

What type of fixtures are they?