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BuilderNorb, Architect
Category: Home Improvement
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I am trying to locate a backplate for a gainsborough stanza

Customer Question

I am trying to locate a backplate for a gainsborough stanza 9.5kw in white,the shower comes without this part believe it or not!!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  BuilderNorb replied 4 years ago.

Hi, I'd like to try and assist you in locating this part! If I am understanding correctly, you are missing the plastic back that the engine ( part #900503) is affixed to, and let me guess, without it you cannot mount the coverplate? Is this a recently purchased item? The engine should have this part already attached, and purchasing a new engine seems to be the only way you might be able to get one. If this unit is new, have you re-checked your packing materials? As I am unfamiliar with how Gainsborough Stanza packages their product, some manufacturers often have these delicate components packaged in the styrofoam that secures their product in the packaging. I hope this helps you! Please reply if I can be of any further assistance. By the way, if you do find yourself in a position to have to order this and cannot get it without also having to get a new engine, I would first check ebay. There are some units I've notice on there for parts, and you may find just what you need there for a much more reasonable price.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your response to my give you a bit more info yes there is no backplate(that gets fixed to shower wall to house the engine,wiring etc)that the front cover fits over to complete the sealed unit.i bought this last week direct from manufacturer,at first I thought that this component had simply been left out of the box but on a gainsborough web site and after hours of research I realised that the backplate was never part of the deal and wasn't just missing-they just don't send it as part of the unit and I can't speak to them until tomorrow!like I said,I have been on eBay/amazon and on every shower parts place online and cannot find this part-it's a right pain in the arse!
Expert:  BuilderNorb replied 4 years ago.
Here's another suggestion. Look at the coverplate and see if they packaged it somehow inverted inside of it. I've seen lots of strange ways of packing products over the years. You may find that contacting an ebay seller directly may help you solve this mystery. Good luck to you! I will continue to explore this for you and will keep you advised if I can help you locate this component. Feel free to respond any time!