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I won my property and I had an annex built on the back. It

Customer Question

I own my property and I had an annex built on the back with planning permission for a health business folded some years ago and my daughter lives there with her boyfriend. It went back to being part of my house and I no longer needed business council tax. It has separate gaz but not water and electric. I am getting older now and I want to make the annex ( bungelow and half the garden into a separate property and sell the big house with the other half of garden and live in the bungelow. what do I need to do and in what order. Thanks carole nomessin There is the solicitors for land registry. The council maybe for plans and or permission. I know there is water and electric to be done. so I want to know the strategie of what to do first and then on after, estimated costs if known.  Ill also have to put shared water and sewage access on the deeds (Im assuming the deeds of one property(Big house existing deeds will have to be changed and a new deed made for the new property. Thanks carole There is a separate back entrance to bungelow with its own intercom system

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement