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I have a situation where a wall has already been removed which

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I have a situation where a wall has already been removed which supported the floor joists of the bedroom above and has been replaced with a large wooden beam. All the joists are now exposed and accessible and I would like to get rid of the beam to make a contiguous ceiling. To support the joists I am thinking I can beef up the joist they butt up to at right angles (under the other bedroom) by gluing and bolting 3 more of the same size (7x2) to make a glulam 7 x 8 beam and then use joist hangers to attach the ends of the joists. I might also drill through the new composite beam and screw in timber fast screws if necessary. The span of the joists coming up to the beam is 3480mm
Is this acceptable practice? Is it strong enough? Is there another way that might be better or cheaper?
that beam is really needed as a support, what you could do is use a much thinner steel beam in place if the larger wooden one so it would have a lower profile.But the entire thing needs that support as that is a load bearing wall.
There really isn't a good way to do this with brackets glue etc.
I wish there were, I have the same situation here as well. But I had to either install 2 2x6's to do this but then replaced that with a single steel beam that was much more of a low profile, thats about the best you can do with that;-)
Thank you please rate kindly.
Tech Michael
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