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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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Bought new valiant Eco plus 937 combi boiler today will now

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Bought new valiant Eco plus 937 combi boiler today will now not fit on external wall as with the tank it will over shadow the window, need to put it on internal wall on opposite side of the room, is it possible to vent with an extended flu? 2 and a half metres in corner of ceiling ? Thanks Steve

XXXXX XXXXX : There is nothing in the instructions about the maximum flue length, but normally it is 3m
XXXXX XXXXX : for every 90 degree bend you install, it takes 1m off the flue length including the one off the top of the boiler
Customer: Counting the elbow on top of the boiler the length is 2.7 m to the external wall do you think this will work ok with this boiler as I don't want to buy an extension pipe if not suitable many thanks Steve
XXXXX XXXXX : This will be too far as after the first bend only leaves 2m, are you able to take it upwards with a vertical flue?
Customer: No , bedroom above ,your first advice told me there no maximum length but in general you said 3 m as a guide line there is no where else for boiler to go can do 2.5 at a push thanks steve
XXXXX XXXXX : Not possible.
XXXXX XXXXX : you say it is too wide for the space next to the window?
Customer: Yes, it would cover half the window with the water tank behind it
XXXXX XXXXX : can you spin it through 90 degrees and mount it on a side wall?
XXXXX XXXXX : if there is not one there can you build one to hang it on, you would om
Customer: no , it's an internal room
XXXXX XXXXX : only lose 4" for the wall?
XXXXX XXXXX : Then hang it sideways?
Customer: Bathroom behind it, and kitchen other side
Customer: Never thought of that , that would actually work ! Thank you for your help , Steve
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