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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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Hi, im replacing a 1-way light switch. There are 3 live

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Hi, i'm replacing a 1-way light switch.
There are 3 live wires (one for this room and two slave ones for the lounge which has a separate switch), 3 x earth (in one sleeving) and 3 neutrals which seem to carry on running inside the wall (they don't terminate where the light switch is).
I have a 2-way single switch (there weren't any 1-way at the shop).
Which cables should i connect where? I know obviously where the earth goes but what about the rest?
Which cable should go in COM and L1?
How can i connect all 3 live cables?
Any advice would be much appreciated!

XXXXX XXXXX : The light switch will just connect the wires together.
XXXXX XXXXX : Did you make a note of which connections they came out of?
XXXXX XXXXX : Do you want to wire to one switch again or split the lighting through both switches?
XXXXX XXXXX : There will be a live in and two out which will be dead until you switch them on
XXXXX XXXXX : You need to find out which is live first
Customer: Unfortunately the previous switch was a dimmer one with different connections and markings.
XXXXX XXXXX : It still would have had a common and a switched live?
Customer: I'd like this spare room switch (one i'm replacing) to operate the spare room light, and the double lounge switch to operate the two lounge lights. Currently the lounge lights aren't working due to the spare room switch being disconnected.
XXXXX XXXXX : Ok, two of the wires (the Live and the feed to the lounge) in the C connection and the feed to the spare room in the L1 connection
Customer: All the live wires look exactly the same...
XXXXX XXXXX : You will need to test for power with the power back on, only one will be live
Customer: Great, i will try that! Will anything happen if i wire them in a different order or will it just not work? (As i'm not certain which one is which in terms of distinguishing between the three live ones?)
XXXXX XXXXX : Once you find out which one is live then it will need connecting to the feed to the lounge in the C connection, you will know which one is correct as the lounge light will or will not work
XXXXX XXXXX : The last remaining wire needs to go into L1 to get the room light to work from the switch
Customer: Excellent. Thank you. I will try it now.
XXXXX XXXXX : no problem, i will be on and off all day - just come back if you need me
Customer: Great stuff. All working. Managed to get the wires right first time. My boyfriend will be proud ;) thank you for your help and have a great Easter weekend!
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