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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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Hi. I rent a garage that I need to use as an office for a while.

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Hi. I rent a garage that I need to use as an office for a while. There is no plug socket, only a single light socket. I need to power my Macbook Air Laptop from this socket. (I have a light socket to plug socket adapter. I am hoping to plug my laptop power supply into this.

The Power Supply (transformer) for my laptop has the following info:
Input 100-240V - 1A 50-60Hz
Output 14.85V - 3.05A

I am only prepared to pay for an answer that offers me a DIY alternative if the method I am proposing is not viable. I am not paying for someone to just say 'no', so if that is your likely response please rather do not respond to my question. (I am writing this in the knowledge that there is often a difference between what is safe and what is legal. I know this is probably not legal. But I am hoping that my laptop draws less than a light-bulb would and that, even if what I am doing is not entirely legal, it is safe and do-able)

XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, 45W @ 240V is only less than 0.5A
XXXXX XXXXX : You should be able to run a bulb from the lamp position also
XXXXX XXXXX : Can you find the feed to the building or garage, the lighting circuit is usually covered by a 5A fuse or 6A breaker

There is a breaker in the garage.

XXXXX XXXXX : Theoretically you could draw 1200W before causing a problem with the breaker
XXXXX XXXXX : Which could feed your charger and a couple of lights

Great. That's all I need.

XXXXX XXXXX : No problem
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