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fixer2013, Handyperson
Category: Home Improvement
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how much will it cost me to have a shed base of 3.3m x 3.9m

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how much will it cost me to have a shed base of 3.3m x 3.9m done in cast concrete

i will also need a fence erected ie four 6x6 panels and five posts in concrete
Hello and good morning.

In answer to your question.
Fence panels are about £21-25 each. 4x = £100
Concrete posts £65 each approximately. 5 posts required £325.00

I cubic yard of premix concrete delivered £120 approx. plus vat.

All these prices are approximate as to where you live and companies at your area. The approximate total cost is approximately. £500 for the materials and labour would be about £120 per day.

I hope this gives you an idea.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Fixer2013,
thank you for the info, the cost of the panels seems reasonable however the cost of the concrete posts was a shock to me,so much so that i had to visit a couple of merchants ie Wickes and Selco the price for the post are £17.00 and £19.00 and the gravel boards are an average £12.00,so the price that you mention of £65.00 ? are you able to elaborate a bit more? what i suppose i would really want to know that if the quote i have receive from a local contractor is fair.

Please could you let me know if the cost of £750.00 is a fair price for materials and labour and removal of rubbish for the fence,and the cost for the shed base material and labour came in at £665,00 ,

New Question.

I also have some decking to be done later this summer the house is a typical Victorian terrace layout with the narrow strip of the back garden from the back reception room and the kitchen is fifteen feet by five feet with a 10 feet by 15 feet back yard the total area is given in Square Metre eg 20 QM could you let me know roughly what the material and labour cost would be.

Kind regards

Hello again Neville.
Im sorry this is a late reply but have been out all day.
Re the posts I must have read it wrongly I thought you meant concrete posts with a drop in slot. The cost of wooden posts are right.

I thought that the whole cost of 4 fence panels and posts set in concrete for the cost of £750 is a bit high. The base I would have thought maybe about right if they are doing it all.

I have done a rough calculation for the decking it depends on what grade of wood you use. For 20 SqM that is the under frame and decking top could be about £1000. If you purchased in bulk from the web the materials could be cheaper.

You would need 4x2 framing about £1 per meter. and good hardwood decking comes out at £4 to £6 a length (90mm x 19mm) plus labour at about the £120 per day per person.

If I were you I would get other quotes to see how they vary.

I hope that gives you a rough idea.

fixer2013 and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Hello again Neville
I am just enquiring if my pricing helped you for your project, and wish you well for it.

Thank you for using Just Answer.
If we can be of help in the future, just post your question.

Kind regards