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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  City and Guilds Qualified plumber
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I have a Mira Play shower unit. It has simply stopped working.

Customer Question

I have a Mira Play shower unit. It has simply stopped working. There is power to it as the red light on the front of the unit is on. I have taken the front off the unit but I can't really see that there's anything obvious wrong. All connections are good and there's no evidence of shorting or anything that's obvious to the naked eye.

Any ideas?

Kind regards

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.

Andrew Smith :

Is it the power light, or is it a low pressure light?

Andrew Smith :

Are you getting a click when you press the start button?

Andrew Smith :

Do you have a meter to check for power?

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : It's the power light that comes on. I'm not aware of a low pressure light
JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : I don't have a meter but I do have an electricians screwdriver?
Andrew Smith :

Do you have the cover off?

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Yes the start button clicks
JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Yes I do
Andrew Smith :

Can you check power to the solenoid?

Andrew Smith :

It is at the point where water enters - usually a brown coil

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Can't really see which item you mean sorry
Andrew Smith :

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Oh yes is see. I've touched the red terminal with the screwdriver but nothing doing
Andrew Smith :

No power to the unit?

Andrew Smith :

Did you have your finger on the end of the screwdriver also?

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Apparently not. But why is the light on in that case?
JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : Yes I did
Andrew Smith :

If you check the Live Connection and also the Neutral connection and tell me if it lights?

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : I've checked both and nothing doing
Andrew Smith :

Can you confirm it works by trying something you know is live?

JACUSTOMER-tnz1bhtb- : I'm no electrician. What would you suggest?
Andrew Smith :

Try a lamp with the bulb out?

Andrew Smith :

It could be a duff screwdriver?

Andrew Smith :

The coil is on top of Part No. 9, if you are getting no water this is the likely cause