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Gary, Handyman
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  25 yrs in home repair/building - 10 yr in live theatre set design/building
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I keep getting phone calls from a man calling from India he

Customer Question

I keep getting phone calls from a man calling from India he keeps telling me there is a problem with my window 7.
Do you know anything about this, or know some one who would help
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Gary replied 3 years ago.

Gary :

Hi, and thank you for using Just Answer

Gary :

Per this phone call, please do not fall for it. It is a scam. What they will do is get a feel for what you know about computers. The less you know, the better off they are. They will tell you that you have a virus,or say you have a program failure. They will direct you to open up a file with a lot of coding telling you it's bad. The long end of it is that it could be your cookies file or junk folder. By deleting that, it won't hurt your computer, but it lead you to believe something is wrong. This is where they come in with their sales pitch. You get hooked, they gain access to your computer and all of the information with-in it to include all of your banking files and passwords. You get cleaned out in more than one way and they get your money. With all of this being said, first off Microsoft will not be calling you. Period. They have enough on their plate. Second off, Microsoft has built into windows 7, & 8 and like XP and others to update automatically when repairs or patches come out. If you have a problem with your windows 7, - windows 7 will be telling you and trying to do an auto fix right there on your screen. Again don't fall for it. I wish you the best.