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Two double sockets upstairs gave no power since my daughter

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Two double sockets upstairs gave no power since my daughter plugged in new fairy lights and an overloaded extension lead. Do I need an electrician or can I fix it myself?

Hi and thank you for using Just Answer.

The first thing you would want to do is check the breaker/fuse. If you would go to your panel box you can check to see if one has tripped (breaker) or blown (fuse). With breakers, they all should be in the "on" position. In newer models, if one has been tripped, the "switch" part should be in the middle position. You should also see a red or orange color next to it. In older homes with breakers, when they trip they should be in the "off" position. To reset these just move the breaker to the "off" position to reset and then switch to the on position. If everything is alright, it will stay. If there is other problems then the breaker will trip again.

As for the old fashion fuses, inside the clear circle are elements. You need to look inside on them. If you see black, like it has been burnt then that is a bad fuse. In some newer ones, when they blow, it will make it very obvious that it's bad. All you would need to do is unscrew it, replace with the same amp fuse.

If you need or have any other questions please let me know. I wish you the best.


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