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JamesI, Developer
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  I have a portfolio of renovated houses, including DIY projects from installing bathrooms and new heating systems to rewiring.
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I am trying to remove some balustrades (about 200) from an

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I am trying to remove some balustrades (about 200) from an external balcony. The balustrades slide into a top rail - no problem here - and are screwed into a bottom rail. The balustrades and rails are made of pine. The problem is that many of the screws, which have been in place for about 10 years, cannot be turned - they have 'rusted in'. I have tried many screw drivers, hammered the screw, tried drilling a screw all to no avail.
Can you suggest a solution.
JamesInch :

My approach would be to remove the top rail, and angle grind the heads off the screws holding it to the bottom rail, then lift the balustrades over the top of the screw, using a bar or screw driver to prise it where need be over the screw thread.

Then use mole grips to remove the screws from the bottom bar.

If that isnt possible you could chissel chisel around the rusted screw heat to get a better grip and then try and use mole grips to unscrew them, alot of it it depends on the clearance you have if if your bothered about damaging the wood.

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