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Have bought and installed a Chamberlain Basic garage door opener

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Have bought and installed a Chamberlain Basic garage door opener but motor is not powerful enough to open door. Can I purchase a more powerful motor ONLY to change
into system to activate door which is wider than regular doors (one and a half times the
regular size. ?

Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.

What type of door is this operating? Metal? Wood?
Sectional? Double panel? Single panel?

Size of the door? Length, width?

If you disconnect the door, can you lift open easily? One hand?

Let me know and we can continue,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tommy. My metal 'Garador' is 2 metres wide and can easily be

opened and closed with one hand. My previous Duralift motor was rated

at one third horse power and worked perfectly since 1992 but when it failed recently I could not get spares for it. I made the (wrong) assumption that the new Chamberlain Basic would be powerful enough to do the job. My electrician also considered that this basic model would be strong enough but, having fitted it, discovered that

this basic motor didn't have sufficient power. Therefore is it

possible to purchase a suitable motor without having to pay for

the complete package ?

Thanks for the information.

To answer the question first, unfortunately the design of the control board limits the motor that can be used.
Yours is the lower capacity, so a higher rated motor would not operate on the existing board. The power to the motor flows through the board and each operner has a specific model of logic boards.

Even to try an adapt a new board, new motor etc, a new opener is the best choice because of the costs and labor involved to do the task.

I too agree with the electrician with the information n the door.
The one you have is rated for 500N which equates roughly to use on a door of up to 60 kg ( 130 lbs) and approx 7.5 sqm. (8 ft x 10 ft)

Metal doors are normally no where near this limitation. (yours could but going with the standard doors)

It is around the 1/3 HP just as you had previously.

I am wondering if the force setting was initiated when the door was set up.

Is it operating at all with the opener?

How old are the door springs? Maybe new springs will assist, as they actually do all the work on a garage door, the opener just assists.

I had to replace a spring on my rental yesterday and the difference in the door opening was very noticeable.

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