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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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i am a diyer with varied experiences over 30 years, i have

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i am a diyer with varied experiences over 30 years, i have just moved in to an older property that has a utility room with only 1 double socket that is a single spur from the consumer unit which is only 5 feet away from the socket. my plan is to use this socket as the starting point for a "mini ring" around the room adding three more double sockets before heading back to the consumer unit. i am using conduit around the ceiling but at one point need to pass behind radiator pipes, is this ok? also i want to install a socket underneath a wall unit, there is a 1cm gap behind the unit, is it ok to pass cables down behind this unit?
and finally, does my work need to be inspected or notified to anyone? thanks
***** ***** : You can turn the spur into a ring by continuing around and connecting back into the same breaker, neutral and earth points
***** ***** : Ensure it is all 2.5mm cable and is protected by a 30A MCB
***** ***** : Cable protected with conduit is fine behind a radiator for protection
***** ***** : You can pass the cables to the rear of the unit but always run by the shortest route and clip whenever you can
***** ***** : It would be advisable to get it all electrical alterations checked by an electrician
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for your help Andrew, with the holidays and other jobs cropping up I've not got around to doing the job yet and I found out at a Christmas get together that a family friend is an electrician so will probably ask him to do it for me.
Thanks again and happy new year to you ūüėä
No problem.
Many thanks.