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Experience:  Fully qualified plumbing , heating and gas engineer 20 years experience
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I have had extention built onto the rear of my semi detached

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I have had extention built onto the rear of my semi detached Bungalow, the problem that has risen is that there is bricklayers cement been left between my extention and the next doors extention this void is aproxiamatly 270mm wide and 3000mm long (3m) the rubbish that has been left n the void has breached the damproof course. It has been left me to sort out, However i can not find a log enough tool to do the job haveyou any sugestions please.
kind regards Trevor
***** ***** : If you have that much of a gap then try this:
***** ***** :
***** ***** : You can screw the drain rods together to reach and screw on the semicircular plate
***** ***** : It folds when pushed forward and opens when pulled back
***** ***** : So enables you to drag anything hard back through the gap

ok that sounds good ! however i have never seen this drain rod tool so i need to copy the link and have a look,


just found the web site and took a look at the kit > my thoughts are i feel that the drop scraper would not dislodge the bricklayers cement. the length is good its a very good idea.

***** ***** : Ok, just a thought
***** ***** : I can open the question back up again and see if anyone else can help

To the rear of both buildings my extension is 5.1m and the next doors measurers 2m . however they have a close board fence running along the boundry line leaving me a full 5ms to work in. i ave manged to shift a couple of feet onlong the 2 buidings using a lump hamer and a 1,8m fencing digging tool there was concrete to start with and i had to be carefull of the outlet to the radon trap.


Sorry i meant to say i just dont no if the drain rod set would shift any thing other tha soil. i have visited several tool hire shops who could not help me, i hav thought aqbout a scafold pole and a sledge hammer as yet i have not seen a scafolder . is there any thing else i could try please


I dont know if the rods fixed together would be to bendy to be able to do he job. as i would have to lift the rods after each backward (pulling) movement.


. it sounds like an almost impossible situation , hopefully the cemenent isn't so I'd but made up of rough lumps. I would recommend a scaffold pole . if you could get a great on one end then you may be able to form some type of scraper with an elbow. Its going to take a bit of perseverance , good luck and all the best. Sounds like the builders messed up a bit there
. was that answer any good , could you please rate it if you found it helpful , thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Again I have been typing a up date to save my typing out it all again please let me no if you have received my text because it vanished my end leaving me to ponder thanks Trevor
. how did you get on?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

SORRY again I will try and answer you 4th time .

firstly I still have the problem . however I have persevered with my original plan of a fencers bar and lump/sledge hammer I now have the last metre. your suggestion failed the drain rods were too flexible and not beefy enough to bite into the mortar/concrete over 3 drain rod lengths. I suggested a using a scaffold pole and yet you have claimed that it came from your end. there has not been any real help from yourselves and yet you have charged me £24 comment !!!

I contacted you in this matter and the suggestions you put forward was a mole on the end of drain rods which did not really help .

I think the only way forward is to weld two fencers bars together and make a wooded triangle bars to fit on so the right angle can be used to attack the last metre of the concrete/Mortar,

I know my problem was a bit unusual but a feel aggrieved that you have charged me unsolved problem .

Dhi , it was the first expert that recommended drain rods , I recommended scaffold pole. Any way , it was a very tricky situation that I doubt few have come across. Hope you get it sorted , don't worry about payment. As long as you don't rate the question will time out and you won't be charged .
Plumberpro, Plumber
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 634
Experience: Fully qualified plumbing , heating and gas engineer 20 years experience
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you thoughts . It's a good job this problem is my own as I would really hate to add up all the man hours that my mate and I have put into removing not only cement but concrete too. I am down to the last metre
However I have now taken my fencers bar to fabrications and blacksmith to increase the length of the bar! My neighbour has been as good as gold over this and they have allowed me to take out the dividing fence and a 8' post this is driving me mad .
Wow, sounds like it has been a right mission . well done it , all the best