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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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I'm in London and my old immersion heater runs

Customer Question

Hi I'm in London and my old immersion heater for water runs off an old vennerette time switch. This seems to go off every couple of weeks or so; I have no idea how to set this thing right now or switch it back on... So no hot water for now.
I can see an on/off knob which I've tried, a 24 hr dial and a gear wheel with days of the week.
Any ideas?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : Best to replace it for something digital
***** ***** : To short term use, you can cut the wire and put a plug on the end of the immersion heater wire
***** ***** : It will be hard to prove it is working at all without a meter
JACUSTOMER-v0ryyu5g- : Well yes the landlord is on that. I mean in the short term how does it switch on?
***** ***** : You will have to do it manually but at least you will have hot water
***** ***** : If the unit is not working then you cannot with the current set up, thisis why I suggested a plug
***** ***** : If you cut the wire to the immersion heater near the controller and put a plug on it then you will get hot water when plugged in