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My Potterton Promax SL15 installed by BG in July 2009 and since

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My Potterton Promax SL15 installed by BG in July 2009 and since serviced under contract with them. Recently had to call out BG to investigate periodic need to reset together with increased and erratic periods with the boiler 'on' - ranging from approx. 1 minute to, on one occasion, 7 minutes - regardless of time of day (RTD) 7.15 a.m to 10 p.m. The 'off' period is consistent at 4 minutes 25 seconds (RTD). BG replaced both sensors a week ago but no improvement. Gas consumption per day increased significantly compared to similar period this time last year. A neighbour on same development who changed to an SL15 at the same time as me has been advised by an independent fully registered installer to change his SL15 without delay - it's got a bad reputation in the trade. I also understand BG do not perform the recommended full service only the minimum safety checks. Three months ago my property had cavity wall insulation installed by a reputable company. Grateful thanks for any advice you feel able to provide. D Tinker, Warrington, Cheshire
Plumberpro :

Hi,used to sub contract for BG. Some of their subbies are not very good , also their own guys are so rushed they cut corners. The service thing . the boiler if running clean and correctly according to set combustion limits doesn't need cleaning .its like a car engine , you don't want boiler engineers opening up the boiler and disturbing seals unless they need to , the boiler issue could be the programmer faulty or the boiler PCB .


Thank you for your prompt reply. The programmer was replaced 3 years ago and hasn't been of any obvious cause for concern, whilst the PCB is the original. I will suggest it be replaced when I make a booking for a follow-up visit tomorrow. This would be in line with the service engineer's suggestion 'that if their is still a problem after a week to allow the new components to bed-in then call him back. Regards ***** *****

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