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I urgently need to contact Samsung with regard to Samsung solar

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I urgently need to contact Samsung with regard to Samsung solar panels which are still under guarantee. The Installer has gone out of business and I have been unable to get any contact information for samsung. I have searched every source I can think of. PLEASE can you help?

Hi, welcome to Just answer


Have you already called Samsung support at #0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864) ?

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Hello, have you already tried calling Samsung support at #0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864) ?

JACUSTOMER-aoor9nh2- :

I phoned the number you just gave me in February without success -I just got a list of extensions for different types of equipment Samsung make but it didn't include Solar PV panels, or an extension trough which I could speak to a person. I've just tried the number again but with the same unsuccessful result.


OK, as you know they do not sell these directly to end customers so I can provide you with any of the partners contact info


You can check the complete list from this URL

JACUSTOMER-aoor9nh2- :

Thanks for prompt response. I phoned Samsung support on the number you gave, at the end of february. The answer phone at samsung gave many categories of items for which they would respond, I went through the list twice but solar pv panels were not included and they didn't have any way I could talk to someone in person. I tried the number again just now but got the same negative outcome.

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I understand, have you also tried calling any of the Partners from the list that I have sent.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not yet. I had to go out for an appointment for the rest of this afternoon. I will try calling from the list you gave me, tomorrow because it is too late to call now.

OK, let me know how it goes.
KevinWhiteJA and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have had no response to my e-mail to the London based company, but have just made contact with the Reading company who have arranged for me to speak to an expert at their company at the beginning of next week - the delay is because I shall not be available until after the weekend. This is the first response I have had from anyone.

Great, please keep me posted... Thanks.