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new baxi combi boiler duo-tec he a range central heating

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new baxi combi boiler duo-tec he a range
central heating runs fine buit hot water is not hot enough
although it gets hot and boiler readout shows water at 64 degrees
when measured at tap this is only 44 degrees max even after tap left on for some time
no problem with gas flow
Hi . I would recommend testing the gas pressure at the boiler ( working pressure) as if enough can't get down the pipe ( may be undersized) the boiler won't get up to full temp , the installers may have taken a shortcut.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sure this is not the problem pipe has been run from meter to approx 2m from boiler in 25mm then reduced to 22 mm and boiler digital readout shows is 64 degrees when actual temp at taps is 44. Also I was with engineer when he commissioned boiler and was told working pressure was fine

Hi , was the system flushed before the new boiler was installed? If it was then maybe the boiler has a dud part. If it wasn't maybe the domestic heat exchanger is a little blocked. The hot water thermistor can be tested with a multimeter on ohms. It should be within a certain range. I'm wondering if there is a commissioning setting for hot water temp . I will check with baxi this morning. Luckily the boiler is still under warranty for parts and labour. Do you have the exact model number and GC number?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi thanks for response

complete new system (heating and hot water) installed same time as boiler

system was flushed

boiler is Baxi duo tech HE a 24 combi

Ok , will check with back tomorrow
Hi would you mind trying this first , please., you should have 9.6 litres per minute with a 35 temperature rise. If your flow rate through the boiler is too great , it won't have enough time to heat up to temp . you may have to scale back the cold water incoming to boiler flow rate down a bit . turn the isolating valve down a bit and see if you get hotter water. If this flow rate isn't enough for you , you may need a bigger kW boiler , is 30kw
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