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House has all electric heaters, sakes

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House has all electric heaters, for argument sakes on a separate ring. I need an intelligent controller such that I can install a 'box' between the incoming mains feed and the ring and hence turn them on/off remotely over the internet though a pc or smart phone. (so a device with a web interface / app is needed),
Also the hot water is electric and a system that could tackle this would also be good. Its basically a big relay controlled over the internet capable of switching a big load. Does such a thing exist?
Hi , copy and paste into your browser . these are WiFi enabled stats that can carry up to 3.6 kW. You would have to route the incoming heater cable into the stat and on to the heater
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, I have contacted the manufacturer and they say.....

Thank you for your enquiry. Are you referring to the Thermotouch 3.2aP? At present it does not have the functionality that you describe.

Not sure why as an under-floor heater and a wall heater same sort of thing. Have you actually used this system for electric wall heaters?

I don't mind each wall heater having its own thermostat which I presume is what the 3.2aP offers but I am not worried if it was simply a 'switch' as each heater has its own thermostat. I actually only need a simple on / off function. Any ideas?

Hi , I have not used this tech before apart from experience with internet access enabled room thermostats, called nest which is a low rampage device.this is a newly emerging technology. However I have just spoken to a company that sells what you need . they are called open extra.
Give them a call and they will provide what you need
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