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If my bathroom spotlights state maximum 35watts, can I use

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If my bathroom spotlights state maximum 35watts, can I use MR16 6w LED Incandescent Equivalent: 50 Watt?
I'm not sure if the 6w or equivalent 50w is the figure to look at?
Hello. Welcome to Just Answer.
The 6 watts is the actual draw of the bulbs. They are rated to put out the light of a 50 watt bulb. Therefore, they should be fine on a switch or fixture rated at 35 watts.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. I've just checked the light fitting and it shows:

Max 12v 35w MR16

Please can you double check the link for me if these bulbs will be ok:

I'm a little confused as the title shows 240v but in the product description below it, it shows 12v ac.


Sure. I would be happy to check out the link. Do you mind standing by?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No problem. Thanks

I don't see 240 in the title. They operate on 12 volts. It's possible they go in a fixture with a transformer, which steps 240 volts down to 12 volts. That would be common here in the USA, only we would step 120 down to 12. We wouldn't install these fixtures on a 240 volt circuit. However, I understand that the UK doesn't use 120 volts for anything.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Please can you open the link and click on the option for 'MR16 day white' and quantity 6, the title shows:

TOP-MAX 6Pcs Of MR16 6w LED Bulbs Spot Light 240V 30D Super Bright Day White(6000K) Bulbs Equivalent to 50W Halogen Lamp With Energy Class A [Energy Class A]

So would this be ok and it is 12v?

Sorry for the delay. I stepped away from my computer while I was waiting for your reply. I'll check the description now.
That particular bulb may be available in either voltage (240 volts, or 12 volts). It would be best to contact the seller to get the correct information.
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