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Served my apprenticship as electrician in the 1960s. Now installing

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Served my apprenticship as electrician in the 1960s. Now installing economy 7 storeage heaters on 2.5mm radial circuits. Had digital economy 7 meter installed by electric board. Can I put the heaters and house circuits on one 12 way split load CU ( 6 heaters one side 6 domestic circuits the other or do I have to install 2 separate 6 way units. Thanks John
Good morning John,In this case the right way to do this for many reasons is to use 2 separate 6 way units.You could run them all on the 12 way but if you did it that way you could have trouble down the road if you need more supplies for additional appliances etc. ALso doing this especially since they are to supply heater (which draw quite a bit of current) is to have them on 2 separate supplies. I have actually done this both ways lol and found it in my own best interest to run them as I recommended. I will stick with you until your unit is working correctly, You can always get in touch with me if you need further assistance after rating.Please rate my service kindly thus far, it is the only way I receive credit for my time with you;-)It won't cost you anything additional to rate;-)Thank you and have a great day John!Tech Michael
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