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I have a holiday home in Cyprus, it is ground floor built

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Hi I have a holiday home in Cyprus, it is ground floor built of concrete, it can stand empty for long periods and we can have mould. I know it need ventilated, it has none at present, would drilling through the concrete walls and installing some form of vent do any good?
Hi thank you for choosing Just Answer.In this case drilling wont help unfortunately.The best way to solve this is with a dehumidifier at the location. They work really well for this kind of problem.If you cant do that for some reason maybe the electric is going to be off at the mains, then you would need roof vents with a fan that removes the air and recirculates the standing air to make this better;-) Please rate my service kindly thus far, it is the only way I receive credit for my time with you;-)It won't cost you anything additional to rate;-)I will stick with you until your unit is working correctly, You can always get in touch with me if you need further assistance after rating.Thank you and have a great night!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your answer, could you advise a type of dehumidifier that would not cost too much to run as it would be left for long periods (months perhaps) we leave the electricity on when we are not there so that's not a problem, it is a 2 bed, 2 bathroom apartment with living room and kitchen



Hi your welcome;-)As for the type, all you will need is maybe a couple of small portable ones(depending on how many rooms are affected. They all have humidity settings on them so they wont run all the time.You will want one that can drain automatically. By that I mean one that comes with a piece of drain line at the bottom of the reservoir that contains the water the unit removes from the air. Then you would drill a small hole in the concrete for that line to drain out;-) Thats also the only hole you will need to drill.Check with any local home improvement stores for a good deal on these dehumidifiers usually one will be on sale at a good cost. Even a local hardware store will likely have these.I will be here if you have further questions but please rate my service kindly at this time and you can also then reply to me at any time for additional information you need no additional cost to you.Have a great evening.
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