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I have a Triton T80xr. When the power selector is switched

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I have a Triton T80xr. When the power selector is switched from economy to high it is tripping the RCD. It trips on the high setting whether the shower is already running, or just being switched on at the high setting. It runs fine at economy or cold. Do you know what is causing this please?
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.Based on the information, there is an issue with one of the heating elements inside the heat chamber.An RCD works by measuring current to insure that the current is equal on outgoing and return.If this becomes unbalanced, then the RCD assumes the problem is leakage to ground and therefore trips to shut off power.This is how they provide safety from electric shocks and faults.Now, when you are in Economy or Cold mode, the unit will be using only one of the heating elements to provide the heated water. Once you switch to the High setting , which allows for more flow rate of water, the other element in the unit will be triggered to supply enough heat.That is when the RCD trips, so the element is beginning to fail and cause enough leakage to trip the RCD.This is normal for providing safety.Heating elements are in the water flow path and as they begin to age or fail they can have a small amount of damage to trip the RCD, rather than have something else happen and cause some damage to the whole heater unit. You will need service on the unit to inspect the heat chamber and make the repairs unfortunately. Hope that helps on the explanation, let me know anything further,Thanks
The below picture may help to explain also.
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