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There. Came home to after dark to dripping sound from kitchen.

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Hi there. Came home to after dark to dripping sound from kitchen. Entered, turned kitchen light on and electricity went. Dripping was through ceiling metal frame spot light. Toilet overflowing and gradually seeping water through floor boards. Nothing had tripped on fuse box. I turned all switches to down off position. Tried to turn on main power back on and bring sockets up, no dice. Left fuse box with everything switched off.
Q1. Why did nothing trip in the box?
Q2. Should everything come back on when water has dried?
Q3. If not, what is likely to have happened?
Context: new house; electrical survey conducted 1 week ago; £2k worth work needed; old red/black wiring; lots of sockets with no earth; some sockets didn't worked; lighting seemed relatively fine in most of house; however, electrician said it wasn't a ring circuit, which he seemed to think was odd; some/most of house wiring generally assumed to be not well done.
Any help gratefully appreciated.
If you have no RCD on your consumer unit then it will not trip.If you have no earth to most places, again, it will not trip.It blew the fuse MCB on that circuit when you turned it on as it would have been a straight short.In your system everything should come back on when you dry out as lond as the MCB's have been reset in you consumer unit.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. Everything did come back on the next day. There are two RCDs in the circuit board, which looks like this. Guessing then that the problem is with all the lack of earths?Circuit board

Good job you have one to prevent electric shocks.Yes, an RCD looks for an imbalance between the live and neutral, if you are losing voltage through a water leak it will trip off.