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I'm going to lay a lawn but have weeds growing. What can I

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I'm going to lay a lawn but have weeds growing. What can I put down to kill the weeds but will not effect the grass when I get it laid?
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.It is best to kill all grasses and weeds for at least a month prior to laying sod. Either by scraping\the groundor plowing and hand raking and removal. This is not always possible in some instances, but it is still better to kill everything at least once. There are a few methods to accomplish this including non-selective herbicides like round-up or solarization to be organic. Sod can be laid directly on top of an old yard that has been mowed down real low with out killing everything, but this can hinder the new sod's establishment and impede its competition with weeds. This is not recommended ata llI suggest to use a weed killer such as roundup if timing is an issue, although it will still take a couple weeks.This is about the shortest time frame you can get prior to the sod if you want all the weeds killedRoundup contains glyphosate, a non-selective herbicide that kills a wide range of grasses and broad leaf weeds. You want the weeds to be have good green foliage to best kill them, so if they are not grown,for about two weeks before you apply Roundup, though, water your lawn to encourage weed growth. Healthy, vigorously growing weeds are easier to kill because their foliage absorbs more herbicide.Apply the herbicide on a windless day, when rain is not forecast for at least 24 hours following application. You might have to reapply Roundup three to four days after the initial application to kill tough weeds, so plan to install sod about two weeks after the initial treatment of the soil. Ideally, you should wait seven to 10 days after the last application of Roundup before laying new sod. This ensures all weeds are dead and the glyphosate has degraded and will not harm new grass. This type killer attaches to the green leaf of the weeds, not seeds, and kills them form the top down to the roots.It will not harm the root system of the new sod. Just need the time for the sun and air exposure to kill the weeks in the time prior to laying the sod.Unfortunately, the only other quick method is to completely scrape the lawn and hand remove all weeds/vegetation prior to the laying of the sod.Let me know anything further,Thanks
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