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I have a lighting problem, last week when we switched on the

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I have a lighting problem, last week when we switched on the dinning room light there was a bang and lights on the chandelier didn't come on. At the same time the hall light stopped working also. I checked the 5a fuse but it hadn't blown, I replaced all the bulbs, replaced the ceiling rose and light socket but it still didn't work. I have tested to wiring using a tester( small screwdriver with LED and digital display) the LED lights red when it detects a current and on my circuit when I test the light socket it shows a current when the switch on and yet the lights still won't go on. It has been suggested that the neutrals are in the wrong place so this weekend I traced the switch neutral and put it on to the blue side of the rose (2 poles) but still nothing. Any suggestions?
Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.Lets gather a few more details on the situation, please.1. How many wires at the ceiling rose? Total wire count?2. How many wires at the switch for the dining room?3. Which wires are on the switch at this time?4. Is the hall light still out as well?5. Your tester just lights up an LED and is a non contact tester, correct?Not one with 2 leads and an actual voltage number displayed?If you are able to post pictures, would be a real plus on the ceiling rose and wiring, and on the switch.Let me know and we can continue,Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1. Dinning room 6 wires three red three black, hall four two red two black not including the earths
2. Two one red one black not including the earth
3. Not certain what you mean
4. Yes, all the other lights are ok
5. Yes it doesn't have two contacts, it does have a display and a direct test button which when press displays some digits however they are too small to read.
Ok, thanks.See the diagram below in the link posted. It is how the dining room rose should be connected for the light to work.Maybe a wire is crossed up and why the hall light is out also.Check your wiring to that of diagram.As you can see, it is critical to be correct, crossed wires will do many things and turn off other parts of the houseLet me know how it goes,Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK will try it out tomorrow afternoon, one question how did the bulb blowing cause a crossed wire.

Ok,The bulb blowing cannot change the wiring.You posted that you made changes, so I wanted to be sure you have wired properly.If you had a 2 lead tester, you can measure at the ceiling rose for power on the red and black wires.If nothing there, you need to find the next ceiling rose and check it,The pen tester will not allow any test for neutral and that may be what is loose in the previous connection.If you look at the diagram, you will see power in, power out and then cable to the switch.The previous one would have the same thing and the power out wire could be loose. That is why one light can be working but the rose has a loose terminal and not supplying the next one.They loop from location to location.Since you have only 2 wires in the switch box, it does not connect to any receptacle, the light rose has the power and sends it down to the switch.The cables loop from one location to the next.
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