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My parents own a leasehold maisonette. The 1st floor

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My parents own a leasehold maisonette. The 1st floor of the building is owned by someone else and rented out to tenants.
We are renovating the maisonette before we rent ours out again. There is no one living in the maIsonette at the moment.
Last night the tenants from the upstairs flat smelled gas and called their landlady who called us. We went over with our builder and the tenants had called national grid.
Our builder said he couldnt find a leak but when the national grid guy came he checked and said a valve of a gas pipe wasn't capped properly. This pipe is meant to connect to a hob but the hob hasn't been installed yet. He checked the gas meter and said firstly we need to get our gas meter upgraded and that there is a leak but he wouldn't tell me where it was from. I asked multiple times and also asked if it was that pIpe that caused it but he wouldn't say anything and kept saying that my engineer should know. We had the work done on the gas pipes by a certified gas safety engineer. The guy from national grId saId this was reportable and gave us 2 forms, one for the meter upgrade and one for the leak. He switched gas supply off and said we need to get the issues sorted.
My questions are:
1. He reported is to HSE under RIDDOR 6. What kind of consequences will my parents face? WIll they get a fine now and can they even go to jail for this? We hired a qualifIed engineer to do this work so i'm really dIsappointed we are in this predicament now.
There was a leak 2 days ago as well when the national grid was also called out. At that time I think they just gave a warning and advised to remove old pipes and close off pipe correctly before switching gas back on. Our gas engineer spoke to national grid the next day and he said he sorted it before he switched gas back on.
2. Can the upstairs tenant file a claim against us for anything like endangering their lives or anything else lIke that?
I am worried because my parents are old and fragile. The rent they get from the flat is their pension and we did everything by the book in our eyes. We even had the whole rewiring done and a new boiler installed even though there was nothing wrong with the old one. We just want to make sure the property is safe and hence I feel really upset that we had to go through this.
Can you please advise on my 2 queries?
Hi , firstly your parents won't face any consequences as they have done nothing wrong. The responsibility is all down to the gas engineer.
Hi , no the upstairs residents can not make a claim against them, as there was no incident as fire etc , they wouldn't have a claim.It might be better to get a different gas engineer to reestablish the gas supply. Gas safe website has a postcode search to find a certified engineer near you. To be honest the leak shouldn't have happened as the gas engineer should have done a tightness test after doing the work
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. we are getting our gas supply company to upgrade the meter. Also, our builder who has worked for us since the past 15 years told us that this engineer is certified but I am now obtaining his licence number to check the gas safety register myself to make sure he is on it.
I might get a british gas engineer to come and check the work once it's all done before turning the supply back on.The report the national grid guy filled out says: RIDDOR 6: dangerous pipe fitting and turned off as was at "Immediate danger". This is what got me worried. But you are saying that as long as the gas engineer is certified on the register we won't be fined/ face prosecution?
Hi , that's right .but even if the engineer isn't on the register it was down to the builder to ensure the engineer was certified, especially if brought in by the builder
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thanks for your help and advice!
Your welcome. Would you mind rating me , thanks , Toby
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