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I have a storage heater in this flat which seems to be connected

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I have a storage heater in this flat which seems to be connected to a 'starbreaker' which ensures it charges at night and not during the day. However I am running a standard meter as this was what it came with. The energy provider says to run this I should have an Economy 7 meter, and my first bill was very high. However my daytime use seems quite expensive, and I'm not convinced it will be economical even with an Economy 7 tariff and meter. I could use a halogen heater instead. My landlord is insistent I can't change meters, but that's besides the point. As far as I can see all other appliances - including a Ariston Water Heater run at peak time with no option to prep it for an Economy 7 meter. So am I better off staying as I am? Can the appliances be easily set to work with such a meter? Do they need to run off a seperate circuit or will anything go under the cheaper rate run between 12am and 7am?
It will make no difference unless you have a twin rate meter fitted.Once you have that done then you could simply fit a timer to the outlet near the heater (like this - for about £10 and it will have paid for itself in a couple of months if you only charge your heater at night.Currently with a single rate meter you have no option.If the bills are in your name, then you can do what you want as you are paying directly to the supplier. Their contract is with you not the landlord and you can always shop around for the cheapest service - try Uswitch.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As for the Ariston Water Heater? Could that run on the Economy 7 meter or does that need to always be on?
That always needs to be out with it having a thermostat it will only heat up when you use it.It is like boiling a kettle when you heat your water, you could save money by using a timer and making sure the timer is off between 11pm and 5pm when not being used and then it will be heated at cheap rate at 5am.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hmm as it's wired into some sort of wall socket I'm not sure with most of my appliances I could apply a timer. With the water heater is there a good setting to have it on? It seems there's an E which is economical? I'm just trying to work out what will save me money as even without the storage heater on I'm still using 10 kWh a day for very little use.
A 13A supply will be able to run at 3kW, this means it is on for full blast for 3 hours then that gives you 9kW/hrs straight away - do you use a lot of hot water?But saying that if the heater is rated at 3kW also, then it will eat into your total as well.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't use much hot water, no. I can't understand how I'm getting through 10 kWh, they say it's unusual for my setup.As I say that's without storage heater being on.
Watch the meter and turn off one breaker at a time and see which ones slow it down the most.